Choosing the Best Electric Snow Blower: Factors to Consider Complete Guide

Are you looking for an effortless and efficient way to clear your pathways of heavy snowfall?

With the right electric snow blower, you can tackle winter weather with ease. This guide will help you choose the perfect electric snow blower for your needs.


When you’re looking for the best electric snow blower, there are certain factors to consider. Every model and product will have their own characteristics and features that come with them. It’s important to read up on reviews, research specifications and more before settling on your purchase, so that you get the right fit.

Electric Snow Blowers can provide an easy, hassle-free way of clearing all sorts of snow or ice, ranging from a few inches to even 3 ft or more! Whether you are looking for a residential electric snow blower or one that can handle commercial use, here is our complete guide on how to choose the right one for your needs.

Types of Electric Snow Blowers

Electric snow blowers come in two basic types — corded and cordless. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider the pros and cons before you make a purchase.

Corded electric snow blowers are typically best for light-duty use, such as clearing paths and sidewalks with minimal amounts of light powdery snow. They tend to have smaller engines than their gas counterparts, but they require an electric power source in order to work. This can be convenient because cords are usually long enough for you to move around easily while using the snow blower, but it also means that you are limited by the reach of your power source.

Cordless electric models offer much more flexibility than corded models, since they don’t require any external power source. They are generally powered by rechargeable batteries which can last up to an hour and provide ample power for clearing driveways and sidewalks of moderate snowfall amounts. While they lack some of the power that comes with gas-powered blowers, their portability makes them ideal for areas where access to a power source is limited or not available at all.

Single-Stage Electric Snow Blowers

Single-stage electric snow blowers are lightweight and simple to operate, making them ideal for smaller driveways, sidewalks, and paths. These machines use an auger to pull in the snow and discharge it through an impeller. Single-stage models will clear 8-12 inches of snow and have a clearing width of 16-20 inches in width.

These machines are very lightweight, easy to maneuver and require minimal maintenance. They are also very quiet compared to most other types of snow blowers due to their electric motor. However, their small size makes them less effective when dealing with deep or wet snowfalls.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Snow Blower

When choosing an electric snow blower, there are several factors to consider to ensure you select the right machine for your needs. From size and weight, to performance features and price, understanding the different details can help you make an informed buying decision.

Size: When it comes to size, electric blowers tend to be much smaller than gas models but still come in a range of sizes. Electric models are ideal for small driveways and sidewalks but may not be suitable for larger areas. Consider the size of your outdoor space before deciding on the right blower for you.

Weight: The weight of an electric snow blower is important both for storage and usability. Most electric models weigh in between 30–50 lbs (14–23 kg), making them easier to maneuver than heavier gas-powered machines. If portability is a priority, opt for a lighter model with easily adjustable settings like wheel speed control or handlebars that can be adjusted to fit your height.

Performance Features: Performance features will vary across different models but they all serve similar purposes in terms of helping ensure an effective job when anti-icing or blowing snow away from walkways and driveways. Choose one which has features such as auxiliary control cables or cordless design, adding more convenience when using it in difficult terrains or large spaces. Additionally, look for one that comes with a key start system and adjustable handlebars so that it is easy to operate and can efficiently clear away snow from all surfaces with ease.

Price: Electric models are typically more affordable than gas-powered versions making them ideal if you’re on a budget or want something that won’t require excessive maintenance costs over time. Before purchasing one, decide on how much money you feel comfortable spending — keep in mind that cheaper does not necessarily mean better as some manufacturers may be offering subpar products at lower prices! To ensure quality assurance always read reviews before purchasing any type of power equipment like blowers.

Snowfall Amount and Frequency

  1. Snowfall Amount and Frequency: It’s important to consider the amount and frequency of snowfall when choosing an electric snow blower. The amount of snow expected in the area should be carefully evaluated, as well as the frequency of storms. For smaller storms, lighter electric models will provide more than adequate power. But if large, continuous storms are anticipated, a heavier-duty model may be necessary in order to quickly clear considerable amounts of snow.

Additionally, it’s also important to factor in how often you will use the electric blower–consider the cost savings that come with using larger, heavier models for multiple storm seasons over a longer period of time.

Size of the Area to be Cleared

The size of the area you plan to clear will be the primary factor in determining which electric snow blower is right for you. Different units are designed for different application areas. For clearing narrow walkways and porches, a single stage electric snow blower may be adequate, but if you are looking to clear large areas, such as driveways, a larger two-stage snow blower will be more effective.

The size of the unit should also correspond with the amount of snow that is likely to fall in your area; if several inches of heavy winter snows are common, look for a heavy-duty electric snow blower that can handle a higher capacity. Consider the width and depth of any drifts or slush piles that may need to be cleared as well in order to determine the right size unit for your needs.

Reviews of the Best Electric Snow Blowers in the Market

Finding the perfect electric snow blower for your needs can seem like a daunting task. Running through the different features and specifications of each product can be time consuming and tedious. To make things easier, it helps to get a review of some of the best electric snow blowers available in the market.

In this section, we will take a look at five of the highest rated electric snow blowers on offer today. Each product has its own benefits and drawbacks, so make sure you read through carefully before making up your mind. Let’s start by taking a look at:

1) Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower: This battery-powered machine is perfect for small areas as it produces 40 volts of power from its lithium ion battery that lasts up to 50 minutes on a single charge. It is capable of throwing snow up to 20 feet and effortlessly clears paths 8 inches deep and 18 inches wide. The ergonomic handle ensures that you enjoy maximum comfort while operating this machine.

2) GreenWorks Pro 80V 21-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower: If you’re looking for something with more power than the Snow Joe above, consider this one from GreenWorks — it packs 80 volts of power produced by two Lithium batteries (not included). It features an impressive 21 inch clearing width with a 10 inch clearing depth and can easily blast away more than 5 inches of heavy, wet snow without any problems. Additionally, this model also comes with LED headlamps that allow you to clear even in poor visibility conditions without breaking sweat!

3) WEN Electric Snow Blower 59203: This entry level machine produces 13 amps worth of power which enables it to handle any type of light/medium duty residential applications with ease. It comes with an adjustable height knob which allows you to adjust its intensity based on what type of job need completing all while being able to maneuver around tight places due to its compact design (14 x 16 x 23 inches). You can also choose between three direction settings for an easy way or disperse snow in multiple directions depending on your preference!

4) Toro 38361 Power Curve 1500 Electric Snow Blower: This model from Toro is one powerhouse that packs an incredible 15 amps worth of power which makes light work out of bigger problem areas or those requiring more intense jobs such as dealing with stickier snows accumulations or tougher surfaces like driveways/driveways covered in gravel etc – great if you find yourself needing something versatile rather than simply just looking for something capable in mild conditions only! Additionally it also comes equipped with extra features designed not only increase productivity such as shifting between two different speeds & reversing auger but safety too including handlebar mounted hand brakes & instant stop button located right next throttle control too, so overall easily among top offerings all round when taking everything into consideration!

5) Earthwise SN70010 10-Inch 7 Amp Electric Snow Thrower: Last but not least let’s check out Earthwise cheap & cheerful offering here which proves that sometimes even budget options can prove effective if used correctly! Producing 7amps worth energy this model provides good resolution over smaller urban problems especially thanks 180 degree chute rotation mechanism included very useful “let go” plastic handle flexible enough it easy turn left/right sides direction when required finding most efficient path get job done quickly efficiently too meanwhile lightweight build means doesn’t require great deal strength push either so another big plus there regards usability entire family alike perhaps due be said quite often smaller less powerful options may go overlooked compared their bulkier counterparts; however they should not so rest assured true statement case here given fact work great deal less weight behind them metal blade portion fitted model itself strong enough even give tougher patches decent chance shoveling hard packed clumped together chunks material without much fuss -all thanks reliable , compact yet surprisingly powerful motor under hood.

Description of top electric snow blowers

When choosing an electric snow blower, you should look for a model that is easy to maneuver, easy to store and has the power to tackle whatever winter weather throws at it. In this guide, we will discuss the different features of top-rated electric snow blowers and what factors to consider when selecting the best one for your needs.

When selecting an electric model, first give consideration to its size as it needs to fit within your garage or storage space. Electric models are typically compact, but can vary in size from smaller walk-behinds models intended for light residential use up through more powerful two-stage units suitable for larger areas such as driveways or parking lots. Consider how much snow each model is rated at being able to move per minute and its maximum throwing distance.

The next factor is the power of the motor. Generally speaking, a larger motor will be more effective in heavier snow conditions but consumes more electricity so it’s important you weigh up your options when considering this feature. Also consider related aspects such as power cord length and included battery backup if you plan on using your machine away from homebase or out of reach of regular house power outlets. Some models may also come with features such as adjustable speed control which could prove beneficial when dealing with varying conditions across multiple job sites or locations over the course of a season.

Finally consider build quality and user controls – look out for ergonomic designs with comfortable handles that make navigating easier on toucher surfaces including (but not limited to) ice or uneven terrain and make sure that any vital factors such as maintenance access points remain simple and convenient for long lasting efficiency towards clearing minor accumulations quickly and efficiently without difficulty.

Maintenance and Care of Electric Snow Blowers

Maintaining and caring for your electric snow blower is important in ensuring its performance and safety of operation. Be sure to follow any manufacturer’s instructions when caring for your blower. Common maintenance tasks include cleaning the snow blower, regularly checking the auger blades and replacing worn parts as needed. Below are suggestions on how to take care of your electric snow blower.

  1. Keep the snow blower clean: After each use, you should clean the outside of your snowblower with a damp cloth to remove any salt or grime from the surface. You should also do a thorough check of all internal parts such as the motor, fan, and impeller for dirt or debris which could cause damage over time.
  2. Check the auger blades: Look for any wear and tear or sharp edges on both augers which could damage surfaces that are being cleared and pose a safety hazard. If needed, you can purchase replacement blades from most home improvement stores or direct from manufacturer websites.
  3. Inspect rubber accessories: Inspect all rubber hoses, belts, cables and other components regularly for signs of wear such as cracking or fraying which could lead to malfunctions in performance or even serious injuries if breakage occurs while in use. Immediately replace worn out components with new ones before continuing use of your snowblower.
  4. Perform regular oil changes: Change out any recommended engine oil (some motors may be self-lubricating) at least once every 12 months using manufacturer specified oils in order to keep your engine functioning efficiently and in tip-top condition for years to come! Again this information will be available from either OEM websites or package instructions found within construction kits / sales bundles – so always double check before purchasing!

Cleaning and Storage

After clearing snow, it’s important to keep your electric snow blower in a clean and dry area for optimal performance. To clean your snow blower, turn off the power and unplug the machine. Use a damp cloth or brush to remove any clogged snow from the body, impeller, chute, augers, and other parts of the machine.

Regularly lubricating these moving parts with motor oil will help reduce wear and tear on them. Additionally, make sure all debris is cleared out of the discharge shoot at least once per season to prevent clogging and dirt buildup.

It is also recommended to store your electric snow blower in either an indoor or outdoor storage shed during warmer months to protect it from environmental conditions like rain, cold temperatures, and wind.


In this guide, we have outlined the various features that can contribute to the best electric snow blower purchase decision. We discussed motor size, power settings and functions, throwing distance and clearing width, battery life and horsepower ratings, cord length requirements, weight and maneuverability, as well as features such as rubber-tipped augers, adjustable handles and headlights.

When purchasing an electric snow blower it is important that you identify the types of terrain you will be working on to find a blower with the right motor size- and power settings-. Secondly, research on the clearing widths for different models which should match your area’s snowfall rate. Thirdly consider other features such as how easy the blower is to operate or maneuverability check whether or not it comes with rubber tipped paddles for clearing snowdrifts. Lastly look at battery life or battery power sources if necessary.

By understanding all these factors when shopping for a new electric snow blower you are sure to make an wise choice with an efficient machine that will serve its intended purpose for years to come!

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